Meet some of the people at ‘A Place to Sit’

A Place to Sit is a campaign standing up for anyone who needs a place to sit at Bramley Shopping Centre. Bring back 22 benches!

The site removed the 22 benches spread across the centre. And have since reinstated 8, but its not enough and the benches are of poor quality and not very sturdy. According to Leeds City Council – the benches that lined this walkway should be restored. If they’re not restored, some people will not be able to shop on their own as usual, without places to stop and rest. Not everyone can walk this far that easily. Walking is good. Having your independence is good.

So we popped along with our tea trolley to chat with people standing up for their right to sit. Here’s what they had to say.

What surprises you most about people?

Their generosity. People give little kindnesses all the time, generosity to others. Yet we dont notice these kindnesses, we are more likely to notice the impacts of actions – especially negative impacts. So often those everyday acts of generosity go unnoticed.

What inspires you?

This does. People coming out of their houses to stand up for something they believe in. Something that is important. Saying what they want. Singing what they want even. Yes it’s very inspiring what we are doing here.

I’ve got time off from caring for a loved one (they are on respite for three weeks ), i’m excited. I get to be the ‘elf on the shelf’ and mischievous and naughty. I used to love walking. I was in all sorts of walking groups. Oh yes I loved walking. I don’t really get the opportunity these days.

Rev Paul Green – all his energy and rallying, enthusiasm, leading us in singing and chants about bringing back the seating to Bram-ley…

In what ways are we similar?

We all breathe, eat, sleep. We all bleed the same colour.

I guess things about our appearance are similar and different.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?


Teleport – you know click my fingers and be there in an instant.

Sex would be my super power ( laughs).

What do you think will happen to our beautiful planet in your lifetime? 

We’ll be gone won’t we. It’s a mess. Lots of things we could do differently but we dont.

Too many cars on the road and people driving singly in cars. Not enough done about flooding and saving energy. There are loads of system changes that other countries make but we don’t seem to learn from them.

What stops you in your tracks?

The sound of this small person’s scream – sounded loud enough to be a car alarm!

What makes you happy?

Drawing and art. I love painting. At the moment I’m making a viking house – original materials used to make them were mud, manure,wood,  twigs, straw….i’m making mine with tissue paper.

You could email or write to LCP and let them know what you think. Or you could let the shops you visit know that we need 22 benches back please! You can follow A Place to sit page or join the group to find out more, or get involved.

Photos by Phillip Mc Connell