Funding and Supporters

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Awards for All – Creative Conversations – a year long project to further the conversations as walks, game nights and much more.

Safer Communities – August 2017 -2018 – Work in Harehills, Chapeltown and  Lingfield. This includes Bankside School, Catch Leeds, Lingfield Centre, Lingfield Living Local Hub,  Union 105 and more groups.

Hope Not Hate – a community foundation/ haribo award #GiveLoveLeeds

Arts Council England received for “21st Century Human R& D” project began January 2017 to create a conversation kit:.”Being Human- a conversation game”. We have also developed other tools for training communities and organisations in our methods and tools for events that engage larger groups.

Initial conversations and planning came via funding from Arts Council England, Yorkshire Dance. Love Arts Leeds also supported us and invited us to host Tea and Tolerance at their Conference – a lunch time intervention. Leeds Inspired have also supported the work. Together for Peace have been very supportive of the project and Leeds Grants Funds have supported us. Other support includes Leeds Synai Synagogue, ToastLoveCoffee pop up cafe at the Hub Harehills, Beyond Equality event for International Women’s day, Leeds for Changes’ Summat New! Leeds Federated and HUGO, and Compass Festival LAB event, Harehills Festival and local Neighbourhood Officers in Harehills. And we are just getting started…

The project has now had funding support from Arts Council England, Leeds Grants, Leeds Inspired, Love Arts Leeds, Yorkshire Dance, Safer Communities, Victoria gate Fund, Community Cash, Sport relief, GiveLoveLeeds, John Lewis, Haribo ( via GiveLoveLeeds) Leeds Community Foundation, National Lottery ( Awards for all) and Leeds Federated Housing! Much appreciated and thanks to all supporters.

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