What kind of World would you like to live in?


‘What kind of world would you like to live in’ was the theme of our tea party at Magellan House. Here we invited all the people we have talked to and their friends to contribute to the next phase of our project: creating a Handbook to being a Human in the 21st century. We have felt over the past months that what we have been discovering through our conversations is about what kind of world people would like to live in and what it is to be a human being. So this, we hope, is just the beginning of this…

What we started discovering through the day was that the real question is perhaps….

What kind of World do we want to leave to Future Generations?

Conversations spanned many topics. We talked about the world that we would like to live in and how we might go about getting closer to that world. Asking a child of six the question…Is it fair? Immediate answer was ‘No’. Can we make the world fairer? is that possible?

Some of the suggestions contributed….

A fairer world where each person has an equal start.

A World where children can grow up with love and respect…

A World where truth is never separated from a person’s heart. I think by this, what was meant was that people always speak and act from a place of kind heartedness and compassion rather than fear and anger.

A World where we strive to learn about tolerance and compassion for one another and ourselves

A World where we where the primary motivators are not greed, violence and abuse of one another and the planet, but kindness and love.

A World where as a collective (and as individuals) we take responsibility. Take responsibility for ourselves and other people and the world around us.

A World with love, hope, pixies, flowers, mermaids and where everyone is happy.

T&T Tea Party lo res_MS (21)

“A Kind World….
I want to live in a
World where every person
Can trust every other person
To approach them with kindness.
A World where each person lives
Each moment with a desire and
Intention to be kind to every
Person, animal, thing that they encounter.
Of course, we’ll all fail at this
Numerous times, daily but
When we fail we’ll be kind to ourselves
And when others fail
We’ll be kind to them.”


“I would like to live in a world with love and hope and pixies. There would be lots of flowers and everyone would be happy!”


The conversations were documented by Tom from Arts and Minds. here are some more pictures from the day.



T&T Tea Party lo res_MS (22)

T&T Tea Party lo res_MS (20)

T&T Tea Party lo res_MS (16)

T&T Tea Party lo res_MS (15)

Photographs by Maria Spadafora. Art Work by Paul Bailey (drawings) and Reb Caputo (Shadow Puppetry)