T and T at Grassington Festival

IMG_7321 4 friends – walking, talking, having a little get-together weekend. Stumble upon the Grassington Festival, and think that a little lunchtime show, titled TEA & TOLERANCE might be a nice doo…

Little do they know that as they sit there on a mizzling, drizzling lunchtime picnic bench… they will move on from a conversation with Jason & Tiago with thoughts and discussions of freedom, peace and laughter…

A quote from that conversation: “Listening is easy, but actually hearing…”

A few questions from the day…

What does it mean to be human in the 21st century? Join in with everyone and be pleasant. That’s it!
What is freedom? To be what you want to be
What makes you feel good? Seeing the next generation grow up
If you had the power, what would you like to leave to future generations? Live in the moment. Know that material things don’t bring you happiness. A fair world with equal opportunities.
How does it feel to be vulnerable? We are all vulnerable.

Then – the care home… To the question: Where do you draw the line? Edith said: Have I got it right; have I got it right, have I got it right? You draw it here with a pen and paper. Have I got it right, have i got it right. There is always joy in the world… and, i think, probably,

Contributions added in Grassington…

Should people talk to each other more?
Are people essentially good?
We need more tolerance of one other.

And a moment of gratitude from Grassington ( to our Facebook page) –

“Thank you Jason and Tiago – a wonderfully inspired presence in Grassington Festival Square today.” Judith Joy, thank you for participating!


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