The Merry Band of Gentle Tea Drinkers…


This is a new participatory art project that aims to bring people together through art and conversation.

Inspired by the York Mosque that invited the EDL to drink tea and play football in 2013.

Our ambition goes way beyond getting people to tolerate each other (though that is a very good place to start the journey).A tea trolley, two performers (also the facilitators) inviting people to sit down and consider ….me, you, us, them, what matters, what doesn’t matter and everything in between. There is art and play to offer a light subterfuge to the proceedings.

A mobile roaming musical place for questions and conversation, for sharing… for taking care, and listening very carefully… bringing people together for tea, in solidarity (solid-ar-i-tea) with each other in the common cause and developing calls for peace…

spaces for listening

for slowness

for thought

for fun as well…

to engage, to play, to be in a ritual

to observe the ritual

to help carry out the ritual

and the merry band of gentle tea drinkers made their way to the houses of government and said:

love &



( Mostly these are the words of Jason Hird, edited by Zoe Parker)