Tea and Conversation at Leeds Arts Party

T&T Tea Party lo res_MS (3)

This event was led by a group of students from across Leeds College of Art  in response to Bob and Roberta Smiths Art Party in Scarborough, 2013, offering fresh perspectives, facilitating new conversations, and keeping the campaign for the arts alive.

The Leeds Arts Party will highlight the positive impact the arts have on society, the economy, and its importance in our education system, whilst also looking at how creative thinking can assist in developing a sustainable future.

We were privileged enough to be invited along to take part in this event.

We roamed through the cafeteria of the college, which was a hubbub of activity…making, doing, dancing, mapping. friendly and inviting atmosphere and it wasn’t long before some people stopped us and asked us what we were doing?

Questions picked: ( again the answers come form a range of people..as remembered by Zoe)

What do you think of your neighbour? Oh don’t ask. that is THE question at the moment. She is just so tricky. Oh i don’t want to talk about it.

If you could change anything, what would you change? Now thats not a small question is it.

What are you ready for? Something new. Something else. Anything. i’m ready for anything…thats what I always say and I mean it.

Do you count? Yes. No . Sometimes. Depends on the context.

What makes you happy? Art. Dance. Singing

Who matters to you most? Me. Is that allowed? Can I matter most? Not one person…all my family and close friends matter. Can depend on the situation…if my car has broken down, maybe a n=mechanic or someone else who can help matters most..or even that depends. Everybody matters, don’t they? Think of the bees….we are all significant and vital to each others survival.

What is freedom? Having a passport..gaining status of residency in uk….that means my husn=band and I are free to travel again. People think its incredibly easy to get into this country. its really not. Even with being married its really difficult, its a lot of hassle and it takes a long time.

What stops you in your tracks? The election result. Extreme actions, sights or emotions…a really beautiful view, a poignant moment, a child smiling, children in general…make me stop…be hopeful…smile.

What makes you hopeful? Sunshine. Events like this. People.