Tea at Leeds Waterfront Festival


Hot day, sun shining by the canal, lots of people passing through….us in a pseudo uniform…moving the trolley in near slow motion along leeds Dock…stopping, talking, sitting, standing, laughing, listening, sharing, enjoying. Didn’t remember my sun cream and felt the heat tingle my skin.

How do you make the perfect cup of tea? Is this meant as a metaphor? Am I supposed to reveal some deeper meaning to life? is it about perfection? You can probably tell already i am not a tea drinking fan really….I put one bag of black tea in a mug. That’s my perfect cup of tea.

If you could change anything what would you change? No school. I’d make school such fun that each child couldn’t wait to go there each day. I’d make clown training and philosophy compulsory for a year when 18 or so.

If you had the power what would you do? I would make everybody have the power. Then we’d be equal, wouldn’t we? It can’t work if we don’t all get involved.

Where do you belong? Everywhere. Nowhere. Belonging in one place means I don’t belong somewhere else.

How does it feel to be right? Ah yes i am almost always right.

What is peace? My parents, my family, reading a good book….being on the top Ilkley Moor…just me on my own…oh when the kids have gone to bed. (sighs).

What is going to happen to our beautiful planet in your lifetime? Wow not a small question. Well, nothing good unless we all develop the same mindset…then we could make a huge difference. If every person was kind and compassionate to others all the time, imagine how different the world would be. It starts with each person taking responsibility and doing what they can do.

What’s your favourite word? Discombobulated, Onomatopoeia, chocolate, cheese

How does it feel to be vulnerable? Not great. I don’t like it. Its easier to be around confident people than fragile ones. i was a lot less vulnerable when i was younger. i travelled around a lot and talked to lots of people. I wasn’t afraid or lonely. Now I have a house and the walls, and fences seem to create more barriers and keep me isolated. I feel a lot more vulnerable now.

Who do you wish you had never met? Dark. I was thinking about this the other day….I think even the worst experiences I don’t regret because they make me who I am.

Do you think we have the right to end our own lives? Not sure. I guess yes if you were at that stage and able to make that decision. think you have to go to Switzerland to that don’t you? I know someone who diid that. Brave decision.

What is it to love? Acceptance. Joy. Belief. Seeing the amazingness of that person even when they don’t. Seeing beyond needs and expectations.  Being kind and compassionate. Its a verb ‘loving’ – most often people think of it as a think, a possession even, but love is a being and a doing, its an action.

What does it mean to be a human in the 21st century? Don’t live somebody elses life – only your own! Don’t judge, Observe. Thats our role on this planet to observe the world and everything in it, not judge it. I ask myself- what do I deserve? What can I accept? Who knows best? Should I do this or do that!

Do you need it?  Yes & No… We need more interaction, and less stuff. We are all different and yet we are all the same… The happiest people I have met have the least. Interesting that. Whilst we accept living under other peoples authority… we take less responsibility for ourselves. The manufacture of NEED through FEAR. We need to stop living in Fear – and START living in LOVE. As long as Profit is valued above everything else – then we are lost…

What do you do?  I’m a human being, not a human-doing…