Being Human

Being Human | the Conversation Game

Being Human is a conversation game developed by the Tea and Tolerance project. It is designed to bring people together. After all, conversation is the glue that unites us. The purpose of the game is to provide a catalyst for conversation. You can follow the suggested guidelines or choose your own path. This game is not about winning but taking part.

What a brilliant concept and excellently designed game! It really has a strong attention to detail.

Being Human Game beginnings.

In 2013, the EDL ( English Defence league) were demonstrating outside York Mosque. Incredibly, instead of closing their doors, the mosque invited the EDL protestors in to drink tea, play football and talk. Of course, this inspired us. We wanted to find creative ways of exploring conflict and difference. The aim of the game is to create a space to exchange a variety of thoughts and feelings. More about the game here.

Sample Cards Here

Full list of Quotations Here

Play Nicely Rules Here

Tea and Tolerance created the Being Human Game. Amy Levine designed the graphics.  The game is available for purchase starting at Ā£50.